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MRSA and New Born Babies


I have been researching MRSA on New Born Babies.   It is stated in "Hospital-Acquired Superbug Infections Soar in Newborn Babies", that infections that occur during the first three days of life are most often acquired during labor and delivery.  The late-onset infections, such as, infections
that developed more than three days after a child was born are know to be primarily transmitted by parents, doctors, nurses, and other health care personnel.  The investigators focused on late-onset infections and found that out of about 4,400 Staph infections with antibiotic resistance, 23 percent were found to be the result of the deadly MRSA Superbug.

My niece had a baby in 1999, and he died of MRSA within 30 days of being born in the hospital. 
I have received emails from others that told me their newborn babies got MRSA, as well as, themselves while in the hospital.  Luckily, they all survived and didn't die like many others have.  It is very important that you make sure all medical personnel wash their hands before touching you or your baby.  You must take care of yourself and watch over your baby as well.

I will be attaching more articles about newborn babies as I find them.  Please take very good care of yourself and that precious baby child you just had.

Hospital-Acquired Superbug Infections Soar in Newborn Babies

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