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My battle with a hospital acquired MRSA infection
Rapid Test (Nose Swab)

I was released from the hospital on October 12, 2008.  Before being released, I asked several doctors to do a nasal swab test for staph infection.  It took a lot of persuasion; but finally, the internal medicine doctor agreed to do the test and send the results to my family doctor.  The internal medicine hospital doctor said it will take two days for my family doctor to get the test results.  Well, it has been two weeks and still no results.  I called the hospital lab and found out that I have to sign a release form; in order for, the hospital lab to release the test results to my family doctor.  Why didn't the hospital let me know this in the first place, so I didn't have a two week delay in the test results.  I had to go to my family doctor to sign the release form, and they faxed it to the hospital.  So, please make sure you give the hospital lab the authorization for your family doctor to get the test results in two days.  The doctors will not tell you to sign the form before you are tested.  If you had contacted staph infection, in two weeks it could of injured you seriously; or even, have killed you.  Please read the articles below for more information on the nasal swab test for staph infection.

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